Strategic importance of the indian ocean region

Since then, in India has become a member of the six-nation Mekong Ganga Cooperation, followed by admission into the Asia Cooperation Dialogue.

Trying to mitigate a growing food and water security crisis, worsened by climate change. Muziris is a lost port city on the south-western coast of India which was a major center of trade in the ancient Tamil land between the Chera kingdom and the Roman Empire.

Pakistan seems to be disintegrating and its army remains an extra constitutional authority. Palau, the Marianas, and Yap. Manmohan Singh, who said in February But, as a vibrant democracy, India has a distinct advantage as it has an accountable government that is subject to transparent surveillance on multiple fronts, democratically elected legislatures, an independent judiciary and evolving regulatory watchdogs.

Other major powers and littorals will also influence the same. But if the base in Djibouti is to be materialized, even in its most limited form, it is certainly a transformative moment in the strategic cultural shift. It is not in search of an empire. On some of the drier atolls in the Marshalls and the Gilberts, the pandanus tree is a major subsistence crop.

Our strategic environment is more uncertain than at any time since the start of the cold war and the unpredictable variables more numerous than at any time in our modern history.

But we do need a sophisticated strategy for dealing honestly with the strategic uncertainties which lie ahead. Would it lean towards China or the US?

In Afghanistan, outside of ensuring that the Taliban remained marginalised, India has for decades supported anti-Taliban forces, and since US intervention first commenced inhas moved to enhance its profile in Afghanistan.

We have to deal with the world as it is. They are arguably more serious than the external threats. In the s the region became the object of renewed strategic interest. Some critics, however, argue the islands are also destined to be developed into a listening station and facility for Indian maritime surveillance aircraft.

New patterns of economic cooperation and interdependence are being built on long-standing strategic fault lines. And for the King there are brought into those places very costly vessels of silver, singing boys, beautiful maidens for the harem, fine wines, thin clothing of the finest weaves, and the choicest ointments.

On atolls, the inhabitants generally preferred the lagoon side of the larger islands for ease in launching canoes and for protection from cyclones.

Sensitive issues like deregulation of diesel have been initiated, while the coal and mining sector is being given an impetus through fresh auctions. A certain amount of trade developed between the low islanders and the high islanders. But it has other ways of securing influence, most notably the gravitational pull of economic opportunity.

Positioning itself to emerge as the dominant Indian Ocean power in the decades ahead. Modi assumed the mantle of power and right now, as things seem, we are seeing a rather unconventional mode of politics and governance. Investment in power transmission has lagged behind with several south based states suffering from power transmission congestion.

Reducing public expenditure is yet another critical area. This, I would argue, is a better option for Australia, not least because it brings our strategic interests and our values into closer alignment.

Some of the organisations have successfully transformed their way of functioning and service delivery system with the help of modern technology. Railway Safety Fund has an allocation of Rs 2, crore.

While friendly ties with India and Pakistan as well as with India and other countries in the world become the priority for a majority, an improvement in living standards is the concern of all those who are Below Poverty Line at present.

The Importance of Indian Ocean for India (329 Words)

The cheerleaders of this approach tend also to present close ties to Asia as a conceptual alternative to an alliance with the US.

The primary objective behind setting up of the Law Commission was to introduce suitable changes in pre-Constitution laws recognized by the Constitution of India under articleas and when required.

India gets access to strategic Oman port Duqm for military use, Chabahar-Gwadar in sight

The fading of US strategic predominance The meta challenge of Australian foreign policy over the medium term is how to maximise economic opportunity and minimise strategic risk as this larger rearrangement of economic and strategic weight works its way through the Asian — or as I prefer to call it — the Indo Pacific region.

Port in Gwadar, Pakistan. The combined fiscal deficit centre and state had its best year in when it reached The country aims to become a higher middle-income country by and that calls for even faster growth in the years to come. As most developed nations and resources lay above the North—South dividepolitics and commerce north of the two canals would be of much greater importance than those occurring south of the canals.Indian Ocean,it is proposed to analyze strategic importance of this region and its applicability to the powers of the region as well as the superpowers, viz the United States and the Soviet Union.

Indian Ocean: Issue for Peace (Delhi, Manohar Publishers, ), p. 2 William L. Dowdy, "The Indian Ocean region as concept and reality" in William L.

Dowdy and Russel B. Trood, eds., The Indian Ocean: Perspectives on a Strategic Arena (Durham, Duke University Press, ), pp. About Jon Rosamond. Jon Rosamond is a London-based freelance defense journalist specializing in the naval and maritime security arenas, having previously edited Jane’s Navy International and.

On the world maps common in America, the Western Hemisphere lies front and center, while the Indian Ocean region all but disappears. This convention reveals the geopolitical focus of the now-departed twentieth century, but in the twenty-first century that focus will fundamentally change.

The strategic importance of the Indian Ocean region has come into vogue over the last few years. Robert Kaplan famously claimed that the Indian Ocean would become 'centre stage' for the twenty-first century.

The Indian Ocean Region (IOR) is one of the most areas of the world in human terms. It includes a wide variety of races, cultures, and religions. The level of political stability, the quality of governance, demographic pressures, ethnic and sectarian tensions, and the pace of economic growth create a different mix of opportunity and risk in each state.

Strategic importance of the indian ocean region
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