How to write a referee report economics

In response to this, a more expansive interpretation of the concept of a threat to international peace and security has emerged, with a number of measures being adopted by the Security Council.

However, in the long run, government intervention, whether by the colonial or the apartheid administration, served to hamper the development of capitalism, in particular the manufacturing sector.

And no, I am not making this up. Government after being vilified for thirty years is back in business rescuing and ensuring the profits of the corporate sector.

The Soviets concentrated on heavy industry, specifically the arms industry to the neglect of light consumer industry. Applied Research in Quality of Life,Vol.

Common, Uncommon and Specialized Abbreviations

This was perfectly understood by Keynes in the 's. Finally, in the environmental area, the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development in Rio produced a number of multilateral treaties and actions such as the Rio Declaration and Agenda Conflict prevention should not be viewed as the abolition of all conflicts in society.

It is small wonder why some countries are tempted to have nuclear weapons when they perceive that the US needs very little justification to attack. The British declared martial law, killed a large number of suspected rioters and charged prominent Sinhala leaders with sedition and arrested them to secure colonial domination during the volatile World War I period.

The article appeared in Nature Physics advanced online publication on February 22, The peacekeepers deployed there? It is imperative that the United Nations and other international actors invest a great deal more in preventive measures.

The Soviet Union did not take into account the environmental impact of its industrialisation policy. Secondly the Soviet Union industrialised faster than any country in the world, including the developed capitalist countries like the US which took more than hundred years to industrialise.

The aim is to produce a steady stream of academically sound, timely, politically relevant and action-oriented studies shedding new light on some of the key questions now raised about the United Nations, the foundations of its authority and the scope of its legitimate role in a rapidly evolving environment.

It also highlights the responsibility of the United Nations to convey a clearer picture of peacekeeping, its possibilities and constraints, its successes and failures, as well as its objectives and costs.

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First, analysis of the world body as actor - either global manager or global counsel - will enable us to define the bounds of possibility for the organization. Another important factor in shaping national response is the role of information and the part played in it by the media.

Find more information at: One central question concerns the compatibility of regionalism with national interests and global interests.For a complete list of Common Scholarly Abbreviations, please see Section in the 6th edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.

Abbreviations of Degrees.

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Note: When documenting sources using MLA style, the normal punctuation is omitted for degrees when used in parentheses, tables, works cited, footnotes, endnotes, etc.

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Department of Economics Guidelines for your Referee’s Report In the course of this class, you will be asked to write two (2) referee reports on assigned papers that are at the “working paper” stage.

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As you pursue a career as a professional economist. InvestorWords - The Most Comprehensive Investing Glossary on the Web! Over financial and investing definitions, with links between related terms.

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How to write a referee report economics
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