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National Historic Landmark District Tours: Like a teacher who must give a good student a bad grade because in truth the work was not up to par But in the space of a day, angry whites would take back Colfax in one of the deadliest incidents of racial violence in Southern history, In the bitter aftermath, the Tademys and the Smiths will have to deal with the wreckage, push on, and build a better life for their sons and daughters over the next seventy years.

What do you think motivated her to do so, and do you think it was the right decision? Emily had a taste of love, even though it was a tarnished one. Both Emily and Joseph were naive in their belief that they could be left alone to live as they wished, but especially Joseph.

Frying Pan Current Flow: But this changes after she's raped by an older Frenchman. The BWO's are coming off as well. Marble fleur de lis set in the sidewalk, honors stars from movies, as well as, others who have made significant contributions to Natchitoches through sports, entertainment, the arts, and cultural activities.

It was a step that not only set him apart as a man who thinks for himself, but also a step to break the cycle that T. For a time, Suzette will remain a feisty child.

What made them so important? Magnolia Plantation, one of two bicentennial farms west of the Mississippi River. When Madame slaps Suzette in the cookhouse, Elisabeth doesn't interfere, nor does she have a heart-to-heart conversation afterward with her daughter about what happened?

She has done this with Cane River her maternal side and first book and now with Red River her paternal side and second book.

Cane River - Suzette, Chapters 1 through 5 Summary & Analysis

These literature circle questions are keyed to Bloom's Taxonomy: Murray has allowed her to have joint guardianship over Maia? Now, to the facts that prohibit a higher score. Was this foolish pride that possibly deprived her children of a larger inheritance? Philomene says that to be a slave was "to have nothing but still have something left to lose.

Thereafter it is predicted to clear and warm a little over the next 2 weeks. Emily has a relationship with a Frenchman and bears several children by him.

Was there more that any one of them could have done for their children than they did? In which ways did you find Tademy's depictions believable? Once the saga moved on there were some day to day things that were uninteresting.

Sometimes she tells him of "visions" that she hasn't really had and thus leads him to make the choices she wants. Page 4 of 4 Discussion Questions 1. In many ways, Cane River, a rural farming community established by French Catholics, was unlike other southern communities of the time.

Her mother Elisabeth is a cook in the household. Old Courthouse State Museum: This makes for an interesting experience, being able to see pictures of real live people mentioned in the book. The Tademys did just that. What do you think would have happened to each of the main characters if they has not been so deeply rooted in family?

Suzette and Philomene never actually have a choice in who the father of their children will be, but their perseverance, resourcefulness, and pure grit is impressive. The forecast is for warming weather this week.

This book follows Suzette until her children are grown, at which point it becomes the story of her daughter Philomene, who will find herself in much the same situation as her mother.

Suzette tries to persuade Monsieur Daurat to grant her children their freedom, but he refuses to do so, even after he sets up a household with another free woman of color. Her mother Elizabeth works in the kitchen of the plantation Rosedew, and when Suzette is old enough, she learns the ways of the kitchen from her mother.

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Cane River Summary & Study Guide

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Cane river guided notes
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