An analysis of the physics of a yo yo

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Don't blind me with equations, just help me make sense of it in terms of what I know about how the world works. When you release a yo-yo, gravity acts on its center of mass to pull the yo-yo downward. During the test, the aerobic loading approached maximal values, and the anaerobic energy system was highly taxed.

Thanks to Rick Cavallaro for very helpful discussions on this subject. When the average person hears that it is possible to have a wheeled cart with its wheels spinning a propeller, and the wind on the propeller providing the power to drive the vehicle, it sounds like a Rube Goldberg idea.

As an alternative, you could place the clothes is net as seen at the website below. Then we get into common examples: So the radius is constant. Likewise people who play with magnets think the magnets are doing something "magical". Additionally, 37 male elite soccer players performed two to four seasonal tests, and the results were related to physical performance in matches.

Then you swing another yo-yo with twice the mass of the first one, but you don't change the length of the string or the period.

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First, I will call the radius of the inner part of the yo-yo r and the outer radius R. I need to note a couple of extra things. However, any remaining errors are mine alone. The angle of the string was still 53 degrees.

However, a momentary tug on the string causes the friction between the string and the axle briefly to increase so that the axle no longer slips within the string. When a skeptical colleague asserts, "something is wrong with those data! I wanted to see how far I could get with unsophisticated engineering.

For the distance measurement you will have to estimate [[Delta]]s, the precision with which you can measure the drop distance probably of the order of mm. Rick Cavallaro suggests an even simpler demo. The test-retest CV for the Yo-Yo test was 4. A boat has a windmill linked to a water propeller under its stern.

You can think of torque as the rotational equivalent of force. Sit the yo-yo on edge on a horizontal flat surface, with the string wrapped around the axle and coming out the bottom side of the axle. The only force acting forward on the vehicle is that due to air interacting with the propeller.

Our analysis finds that the QGRE correlates with only one metric, the graduate GPA but it is such a weak correlation the scientist in me rebels when fitting it to a line.

Heart rate was measured, and metabolites were determined in blood and muscle biopsies obtained before, The maximum speed will, of course, be limited by the usual inefficiences of the mechanism and the windmill blades.

To make the ball rise you can pull down on B or up on A. Learning physics is largely a process of abandoning such naive common sense and developing a better and more powerful model for understanding the world and how it works—a model that works even for unfamiliar situations.

AJP, 46,Oct. In the theory of probability that is, using the assumption that the data has a Gaussian distributionit can be shown that this underestimate is corrected by using N-1 instead of N. The problem is she's completely inept. I is the moment of inertia of that object about the same axis as the torque.

This works only when the wind speed is non-zero at the windmill or wind turbine. Others have noted the impact of the GRE on diversity in physics, hopefully not limited to: It is made in China, and sold under the name "Wind Power Car".

Physics project on the yo-yo. But fasten the bottom end of the spring to a solid support, and the monkey climbs up to reach your hand, moving faster than your hand and faster than the string. Add to playlist Tangential vs Radial Acceleration While most physics classes at least mention this topic, most don't dwell on it too much.

By pulling on the upper end of the string, the monkey climbs the string faster than your hand that's doing the pulling. To her credit, she does recognize this. If you don't have a yo-you, wrap a ribbon around any spool that's handy.Short videos, often just 20 to 30 frames in length, can be extremely useful in teaching physics and other sciences.

Not still photographs, but too short to be considered movies, these "live photos" are designed for analysis in a computer. The Yo-yo A yo-yo is made from two uniform disks, each with mass m and radius R, connected by a light axle of radius b.

A light, thin string is wound several times around the axle and then held stationary while the yo-yo is released from rest, dropping as the string unwinds. Potential areas of specialization include astrophysics, particle physics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, meteorology, condensed matter theory, quantum dynamics, applied physics, plasma physics, aerospace dynamics, atomic and laser physics, atmospheric, oceanic and planetary physics.

Homework Help: Yo-yo physics

You are swinging a yo-yo around in a circle above your head. Assume this is a perfect system: the mass of the string is negligible, the yo-yo is a point mass and your arm is a perfectly vertical axis of rotation. Consider a pendulum swinging with an amplitude of 20 cm.

Draw graphs in your journal of position vs. time in the x and y directions, velocity in the x-direction vs. time, and acceleration in the x-direction vs.

time for one complete cycle of oscillation.

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Andrew Zimmerman Jones has a physics degree from Wabash College and has researched physics at the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility. He is a member of the National Association of Science Writers.

Updated December 30, Angular velocity is a measurement of the rate of change of angular.

An analysis of the physics of a yo yo
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