Amul ice cream sales and promotional strategy

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Personal selling is very effective to introduce a new product as salesman can explain the merits, show the demonstration and clarify the doubts of customers.

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It refers to participation of consumers in competitive events organised by the firm and winners are given some reward for example, Camlin Company organizes painting competition, Bourn vita quiz contest and some companies organise contest of writing slogans and best slogan is awarded prize.Article • Euromonitor Strategy Briefings, August This report provides part I of an overview of company strategies in the world health and wellness market, including packaged foods, soft drinks and hot drinks, examining industry challenges and multinationals' activities.

Amul Ice-Cream is not in the position to give competition to Kwality wall¶s and Mother Dairy in Greater Noida region due to weak promotional activities.

Distributors of Amul in Greater Noida are looking after only their own business but they are ignoring the business of company. Durex is associated with personal care and FMCG sector. It is a contraceptive brand made for males by SSL International. here's the Marketing mix of Durex which shows how it is the most popular and used contraceptive in modern times and is just not for avoiding unplanned pregnancy but.

Mars is a manufacturer and marketer of pet food, confectionery and a provider of services related to animal care. It divides its business into six segments like Symbioscience, drinks, Food, Wrigley, Chocolate and Petcare.

Café coffee day added quick bites and ice-cream in their menu to cater to the needs of customers. d. Diversification:A strategy for company growth through starting up or acquiring businesses outside the company’s current products and markets.

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Our sales team, our distributors and Amul parlour franchisees with regard to various promotional initiatives, New Product Launches and advertising campaigns. Your Federation has also developed Mobile Application to automate Order Booking by pouch milk distributors.

Amul ice cream sales and promotional strategy
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